James Corbett addresses the topic of alternative currencies

In his presentation that was part of The Greater Reset, James Corbett (of the Corbett Report) provided an overview of alternative means of exchange. In it he mentioned community currencies, LETS, trade exchanges, and my book, Money: Understanding and Creating Alternatives to Legal Tender, as well as this website.

You can view his excellent presentation here. Scroll down to find James Corbett: Why We Need a Survival Currency

2 responses to “James Corbett addresses the topic of alternative currencies

  1. kalikaloscentre

    Yesterday there was gorrilla warfare in the stock market. You probably read that a group of non-professional traders got together and drove up the prices of 3 or 4 stocks in which there was a tremendous short interest, meaning that hedge funds had shorted these stocks. After that happened about a dozen other stocks with huge short interest were also driven up.

    The amateurs—there must have been about 1000 of them talking on a social media platform—succeeded in moving these stocks up 300 or 400 percent and the hedge funds could not close out their shorts. One firm lost about 3 million and had to be bailed out. The exchange stopped the trading, however there were so many complaints that they had to restore buying.

    This could be a sign of the times Thomas. It was unprecedented.

    Castro and Che. did it in the jungle with guns. Now it could be done with a little clever organising on social media.

    The system will, of course, fight back.




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