Important Federal Reserve Publications

We provide here some links to important resource materials related to money and banking theory and history.

Here are two publications from the Federal Reserve itself. Both of these are now out of print, but they can be downloaded from the web at the sites indicated. By reading these two sources you can acquire a good understanding of how conventional money and banking work.

Modern Money Mechanics is found in pdf format at

Fifty pages, 1.3 megabytes.

Two Faces of Debt is found in pdf format at

Twenty Nine pages, 411 Kilobytes

2 responses to “Important Federal Reserve Publications

  1. I would like to know which one of the following is the best in research, in terms of publications, impact, academic and practical influence, etc.:
    Boston A 1 [3]
    New York B 2 [4]
    Philadelphia C 3 [5]
    Cleveland D 4 [6]
    Richmond E 5 [7]
    Atlanta F 6 [8]
    Chicago G 7 [9]
    St Louis H 8 [10]
    Minneapolis I 9 [11]
    Kansas City J 10 [12]
    Dallas K 11 [13]
    San Francisco L 12 [14]


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