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Banks create money by making “loans”

Here’s a short and sweet video that reports on court case (Daly v First National Bank of Montgomery) in which it was clearly shown how banks create money by making loans, and the illegitimacy of that process.

And if you are facing foreclosure on your mortgage, the three magic words that might forestall the action are “produce the note.” This Fox news report explains it.

60 Minutes exposes banks’ massive mortgage fraud

This is a truly astounding story about how major banks have routinely used falsified documents to foreclose on people who were lured into the housing bubble.

Another investgative report by Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone

This Rolling Stone article by Matt Taibbi tells how:  Courts Helping Banks Screw Over Homeowners

Half millon mortgages foreclosed since January 1 in U.S.

This Fox news video report projects one million foreclosures by year end.