The Monetary Education Project Enters a New Phase

The Monetary Education Project is making good progress with the help of Manuel who brings his expertise in editing audio files. Over the past several days, Manuel and I have worked together to prepare some more effective slide shows by merging Power Point files with sound tracks made by editing some previously recorded audio files of my presentations. The pictures below show us at work in my cottage at Auroville, India.
Audio editing 45



3 responses to “The Monetary Education Project Enters a New Phase

  1. Not yet, but it’s something I hope to do soon. I could use some help in preparing my materials for it. I have both audio and video records that need to be edited down, then uploaded.

    I’d like to make movies of my power point slide shows to post on YouTube and on my website.


  2. You have anything running on youtube?


  3. Interesting post. I like your blog.


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