Daily Archives: September 14, 2007

Money, Power, Democracy, and War — Slideshow with narration

This slide show is pretty comprehensive in outlining the nature of the “money problem” and in describing what is needed to solve it. It highlights some little-know history about the evolution of banking and the politicization of money, along with the principles that can be applied to liberate the exchange process and lead to a more just and sustainable economic order.

It is based on a presentation made by Thomas Greco in Tucson, Arizona on March 13, 2007. Go to our main website download and view it.


The Monetary Education Project Enters a New Phase

The Monetary Education Project is making good progress with the help of Manuel who brings his expertise in editing audio files. Over the past several days, Manuel and I have worked together to prepare some more effective slide shows by merging Power Point files with sound tracks made by editing some previously recorded audio files of my presentations. The pictures below show us at work in my cottage at Auroville, India.
Audio editing 45