Judge Napolitano challenges elite bankers on Fox News

I’m no big fan of Fox News, but this is a surprisingly good segment. Judge Napolitano in the five minute speech does a pretty good job of telling “The Plain Truth of the Federal Reserve” (12/21/10), and our present economic and financial predicament. He pretty much follows what I said in the first part of my latest book, The End of Money and the Future of Civilization.

Now someone needs to ask him to read the second part to discover workable solutions. — t.h.g.


2 responses to “Judge Napolitano challenges elite bankers on Fox News

  1. Thomas, I really must commend you on your tireless work to let all of us out here that are stuck in this Central Banking system and FIAT money system more of what is really going on behind the scenes with regard to trading in this “Civilization”.
    Hopefully soon enough of us will become educated by people such as yourself as to the reality of the situation that is growing (or crumbling) around us.
    Thanks again for all your diligent work!


  2. Here is a good example of freedom of speech properly directed. Take this lesson to heart and wake up world. Start by reading E.C. Riegel and the good content on Tom’s web site.


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