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More from Bernie Sanders

Here’s a clip from MSNBC. Senator Bernie  Sanders discussing Shared Sacrifice.

Shared Sacrifice: A petition from Senator Bernie Sanders

No, I don’t expect petitions to change the behavior of the power elite, and I don’t usually waste my time with them, but it is important for us to know how numerous we are. So stand up and be counted, and be a co-signer of this one. It’s eloquent in its statement of the facts, and though it does not get quite to the root of the problem, it crisply outlines the necessary course of government in addressing the budget deficits.–t.h.g.


Exponential growth

I’ve tried to explain in my books and lectures that the world is now at a critical point. Many things have been growing exponentially and are now pushing up against the physical limits. I argue that the driver of economic growth has been the debt money system in which money is created on the basis of interest-bearing debt, which is an exponential function. Debt must be continually expended in order to put enough money into the economy to service the previously created debt. But the amount of money is never enough for all debts to be repaid, so a day of reckoning must eventually arrive. We are now very close to that day.

Someone who has done a great job of explaining these things in video format is Chris Martenson. I highly recommend that everyone watch his Crash Course. In the video below, he explains exponential growth and highlights many of the factors that are approaching their limits.

Money and Life: An exciting upcoming documentary

 I’ve had the honor to be included in the list of people interviewed for a new documentary film, Money and Life, which has been in preparation for more than two years. Scheduled for release early next year, it is being billed as “A story about money that will change your life.” Judging from the official description and recently released trailer below, it looks like it just might live up to that billing.—t.h.g.

MONEY & LIFE is an essay style documentary that investigates the many faces of money. This cinematic odyssey takes us on a journey, exploring the origins of money to connecting the systemic dots on the current global financial crisis and how we got here. But most importantly looking at what is emerging in the so-called New Economy.

In addition to exploring perspectives on money and the workings of the money system we ask the viewer to engage and examine their own assumptions and beliefs about money, attempting to unearth and make visible the implicit and explicit agreements we have made around money and how it has come to govern our lives in ways that create suffering and dissatisfaction. The central thesis is understanding that different monetary designs produce different results in human society and in the natural world. If that is really so, then what is possible?

We interview an all-star cast of deeply engaged global citizens.

You can view the trailer here:


The Truth About the Economy

Well, part of it anyway. Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich explains the part about the recent shift of the tax burden, the bankrupting of the government, and the war against the middle-class.