Complimentary Currency Systems: Richard Logie at TEDxLeeds

Richard Logie has been for a long time one of the leaders in the commercial  barter industry. As owner and operator of The Business Exchange in Scotland and developer of GETS, a moneyless trading platform, Richard has a wealth of knowledge about moneyless exchange in general. His presentation below provides a valuable learning tool for anyone, either in the entrepreneurial realm or at the grassroots level, who is starting or operating a currency or exchange system.

Please pay particular attention to the way in which Richard determines the credit lines to be provided to members’ accounts, the list of advantages that membership in a credit clearing exchange provides, and the elements that need to be standardized in order for exchanges to be effectively networked together.–t.h.g.

3 responses to “Complimentary Currency Systems: Richard Logie at TEDxLeeds

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  2. i enjoyed hearing richard speak; thank you! i keep getting the impression that the WIR has really been the only truly successful complementary currency system; do you agree or disagree?


    • There has been some level of success with a few LETS systems, but LETS has not scaled because it has not had much appeal for business members. Too much credit creation power allocated to members with little to offer causes credits to accumulate in the hands of the most popular business members.

      WIR has been the only really successful cooperative credit clearing exchange. It is a business to business exchange, so every member has something that other members want.

      Commercial trade exchanges need to rethink their model to take credit clearing to scale.
      Read my critique and recommendations in my book, The End of Money and the Future of Civilization.


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