Wealth Inequality in America

Here are some astounding facts about inequality, clearly presented and easy to understand, but very disturbing.

Thanks to the New Economics Institute for sending it along.

3 responses to “Wealth Inequality in America

  1. Tom,

    I have posted this stunning video on FB twice since it first appeared on YouTube in November. I believe it has received over a million hits at YT, not counting the millions of viewers at other websites and FB pages. While gathering outrage, it is American outrage, ie, a truncated variety of outrage that is repressed for a host of reasons.

    “We” are deceiving ourselves into believing that what has been called The Middle Class has any future in a world run by elites on behalf of oligarchs.

    Anyway, thanks for posting!



  2. Dear Tom;

    I had just finished watching this from RealEconTV, beautifully done, a great piece to share. Thanks!

    In Lak’ech Love&Peace David


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