Bitcoin vs government, what are the stakes?

Bitcoin is analogous to gold  in that it is hard to produce and acquire, its supply is limited, it can be exchanged anonymously, and it’s path cannot easily be traced. That has some good socio-political  implications and some bad ones. Here is an article that sketches a fairly clear picture of some of that.

2 responses to “Bitcoin vs government, what are the stakes?

  1. Dear Tom;

    It is still tied to debt and that’s still thinking INSIDE the box that got us here in the first place. In the new monatery system debt is a non reality. Think outside the box.

    In Lak’ech Love&Peace David


  2. the problem is not a currency,most all currencies are objective , our economic is and has always been subjective , cant work. has never worked for the poor short times for a few at the top . but always works for the rich. the real solution is to come up with a base measurement (like hp) with a min worth for intellect & labor for a specific min time. plz look at the summery only 6 pgs (


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