Youth Employment Scrip-Solving Two Problems at Once

In my 2001 book, Money: Understanding and Creating Alternatives to Legal Tender, I included a description of a proposed community currency I call Youth Employment Scrip.

This currency design is intended to provide the local community with a supplemental means of payment based on the labor that young people can provide to local businesses, non-profits, and government agencies, that normally could not afford to hire them.

Combined with presently available employment agency services, such a plan could help reduce youth unemployment while providing the entire community with additional liquidity that will help local businesses to sell some of their unused capacity.

For a complete description, you can view or download the entire chapter here: Money Chapter 22 YES

2 responses to “Youth Employment Scrip-Solving Two Problems at Once

  1. Sesto, Bravo! I’m happy to learn of your project and wish you great success.Let me know how I can help.


  2. what a wonderful book, also I came only today with the great intro from Sergio Lub to get to know it. and YES indeed I just started a YES in Europe:-)…sure we can combine many thoughts…my YES is Youth Europe Selfempowerment and will be finally a cooperative, hopefully having all 10 Million unemployed youth in it…so great that the universe brought us together today…no coincidence, only synchronizity…warm wishes and hear, see you soon, Sesto, near Lucerne, Switzerland…
    PS: Living in a monastery shelter with my wife since a few years…


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