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Money, Power and Sovereignty: How we’ve all been caught in the “debt trap.”

This is a brilliant and inspiring presentation by Australian, Jeremy Lee, in which he clearly relates how Australia has gone from being the richest nation in the world to being massively in debt to global banking and corporate interests. It is a story that applies equally to America and virtually every country of the world.If you want to understand how your sovereignty and freedom have been taken away, watch this six part video.

New Zealand Follow-up

Deirdre Kent and conference organizer Laurence Boomert have provided a link to audio records of the New Zealand Community Currencies Conference 2009 that was held in Whanganui April 17-19th.

Here is their note:
Here is a link to the audio recording of our keynote speaker Thomas Greco at the conference.
Click on the link in the yellow box then scroll to the bottom of the new page and click on the red download arrow – enjoy

Audio recordings of other speakers at the conference will also soon be available and a bit later we will have the videos that go with the talks.
The written resource document that records the different models of currency brought forward at the conference will soon
be available.

I’ve also now posted the photos to my photo gallery. — t.h.g.