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Free Community Capital Toolkit

The Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE) is offering a Community Capital Toolkit that can be downloaded free of charge from the BALLE website.

In case you’re not familiar with BALLE, here is a brief description of the BALLE vision and mission from their website:

Within a generation, we envision a global system of human-scale, interconnected local economies that function in harmony with local ecosystems to meet the basic needs of all people, support just and democratic societies, and foster joyful community life.

At the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, BALLE [bawl-EE], our work is focused on creating real prosperity by connecting leaders, spreading solutions that work, and driving investment toward local economies.

BALLE equips entrepreneurs with tools and strategies for local success, and we provide the national forum for the most visionary local economy leaders and funders to connect, build their capacity and innovate. …more…

Toolkit includes: The 20-page Guide to Community Capital
Seven FREE past webinar recordings
Access to a community capital library of resources

You can download it here.

Legal obstacles to moving your money

Now, more than ever, it is imperative that people move their available financial resources away from conventional Wall Street investments that offer the illusion of security toward real assets that can provide real security in basic living essentials. There are however legal obstacles that limit our ability to do that.

One of the best resources for information about that is Cutting Edge Capital. The September 2011 newsletter is a good place to start. Be sure to listen to Jenny Kassan’s presentation, ACCELERATING COMMUNITY CAPITAL WORKSHOP: The Legal Landscape, given at the recent BALLE conference.