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Julian Assange’s telephone speech for CISL2016, October 26th, 2016

After having his internet access cut off by the Ecuadorian Embassy where he has been given sanctuary, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange had to deliver his speech by telephone. His story and the work of the information service which he founded are of great importance to the cause of freedom and government by the people.
There is some annoying buzzing at some points in the video but it remains understandable.

A full transcript can be found at https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiLeaks/comments/59myng/assange_102616_full_transcript/.

Ecuadoran President defies British threats over Wikileaks founder’s asylum

The British government seems willing to go to extreme lengths to get its hands on Wikileaks founder Julian Assange who has taken refuge in the Ecuadoran embassy in London. Last week, it threatened to suspend the embassy’s immunity and to mount an armed raid to seize Assange, who has not been charged with any crime in any country.

On Sunday, August 19, Assange issued a statement thanking those who turned out to witness events as they unfolded, and crediting their presence with forestalling completion of the raid.  Assange said: “If the UK did not throw away the Vienna Conventions the other night, it is because the world was watching. And the world was watching because you were watching.”

Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts provides an insightful analysis of the situation in his article: Ecuador President Rafael “We Are Not A Colony” Correa Stands Up To The Jackbooted British Gestapo.

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The aim of Wikileaks, and Julian Assange’s strategy

There’s been a lot of speculation of late about Wikileaks and its central figure, Julian Assange. I’ve even seen some articles that suggest that Wikileaks is not intending to provide greater transparency in government or to create a new paradigm in politics, but is in fact a false flag operation set up to abet and sustain the old paradigm.

I’ve just come across this article (Julian Assange and the Computer Conspiracy; “To destroy this invisible government”) which seems to do a pretty good job of analyzing the situation. It includes a number of quotes purportedly from Assange’s own statement of purpose.

But to round out the picture, you should also read Michel Chossudovsky’s article, Who is Behind Wikileaks

It’s all about conspiracies. But who are the conspirators? I think Paul Farrell comes close to the truth in fingering “The Goldman Conspiracy” in his recent article, Obama is a hostage, but not to the GOP. – t.h.g.