Daily Archives: March 9, 2008

Engdahl Explains the global “Financial Tsunami”

F. William Engdahl is a knowledgeable and astute observer of the global financial matters. He has been writing a series of articles titled, The Financial Tsunami, which are posted on his website. This is essential background knowledge that you’ll need to protect yourself and your family from the worst effects of the deepening crisis, and to be able to distinguish real solutions from false solutions offered up by the political and financial oligarchy.

The Global Research website is also an excellent source that features writings by Engdahl, investigative journalist Greg Palast, and others. – t.h.g.

Global Meltdown

If you want to understand what’s happening in the realm of global finance, one website worth monitoring is Global Vision 2000. For those who live close enough to reach London, you would do well to attend this event on April 5, 2008: Meltdown, Socioeconomic Injustice And War: Cause And Remedy