Capitalism-A Love Story

That’s the title of Michael Moore’s latest film.

If I were intent on finding fault with it, I might say that the film understates the case, or that there are huge gaps in the story it tells. But I prefer to focus on what the film is rather than what it isn’t. This film is, quite simply, a masterpiece; Moore’s best film ever. Every American, indeed, everyone in the world, should see it. It should be translated into every language in the world. It should be the focus of study groups, and stimulate community action across the country. —t.h.g.

8 responses to “Capitalism-A Love Story

  1. As you said, it’s Moore’s best film ever


  2. it’s a good resources. Real value to this video is that it does allow us to question the whole process


  3. Hannah and I saw it last week. We agree. Quite good.


  4. I don’t necessary agree with you that it’s a masterpiece, but I do agree with the fact that everyone should see it. The debate that would ensue would get the ball rolling for real change.


  5. While Moore does present some good truths, his proposed solutions are skewed. He believes in a system of majority decision concerning economics. Bad.

    His understanding of the place of a free market system, and his comparison of capitalism with corporatism without making the necessary distinction between the two, leaves the average viewer confused as to solutions.

    The only real value to this video is that it does allow us to question the whole process.


  6. Moore’s film a “masterpiece”? Of what, communist propaganda?
    What does anything he covers have to do with capitalism? Just
    like in Sicko, while he will take jabs at politicians, he never blames
    the government system for any of the messes it creates. He finds other
    scapegoats. His film should be called Big Gov’t: A Love Story. It
    has nothing to do with capitalism. It’s all about gov’t corruption
    which creates the fascist institutions which loot the country. That’s
    not capitalism. It’s not free markets, property rights, liberty at all!
    It’s the exact opposite!

    I have no praise for someone who continually misrepresents the
    truth, is an economic illiterate, some sort of state socialist or
    communist, and makes blatantly political propaganda films.


  7. Wow.. gushing admiration for the man. I think his past history has skewed facts but i will check it out nonetheless.


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