The Essence of Money–A New Video from Paul Grignon

While I was on tour in western Canada recently, I had occasion to meet Paul Grignon, creator of the excellent videos, Money as Debt I and II. Paul came to my presentation on Salt Spring Island and brought with him a new short video called The Essence of Money, a Medieval Tale. In less than eight minutes, this video explains as well as anything I’ve seen how simple and effective a community-created currency can be. Highly recommended! View it here.

4 responses to “The Essence of Money–A New Video from Paul Grignon

  1. A huge thanks to Tom Greco for guiding me to watch this fantastic video of Paul Grignon. I’m absolutely blown away because it exactly exhibits verbatim the local ICE (Intentional Community Economy) we are now in the process of building. I’ve been trying to explain to people what we are doing, taking a lot of time and effort in the process. Now all I will need to do is refer them to this video. I sure hope this video is available for purchase or download as it will be a valuable tool for our local self-reliance preparedness group. We have a forum describing our efforts in many areas of preparedness, the intro and organization being in the last category on the home page. I am estatic to find a perfect, short animated video that seems it was modeled on our exact system we are developing. Obviously our idea was far from original, but even better knowing others feel it will work as well. Thanks a ton again to our esteemed mentor Tom Greco and to Paul Grignon. Happy Preparedness Trails, Jim


  2. This is indeed the best short presentation to date on the subject and Paul Grignon deserves all the credit and thanks we can give him for the work and time he put into this. I plan to share it with all the people I know.


  3. I’m going to recommend this video around the internet


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