Daily Archives: September 6, 2010

How to prepare for the new economic paradigm

For years I’ve been saying that we are making a shift toward a new economic paradigm, and recommending that people prepare for it. About a year ago I posted a revised version of my Survival Strategies for Troubled Times on my other blog, Tom’s News and Views. Here is a pared down list from another related article that comes from a website called, The Economic Collapse.

10 Practical Steps That You Can Take To Insulate Yourself (At Least Somewhat) From The Coming Economic Collapse

1 – Get Out Of Debt

2 – Find New Sources Of Income

3 – Reduce Your Expenses

4 – Learn To Grow Your Own Food

5 – Make Sure You Have A Reliable Water Supply

6 – Buy Land

7 – Get Off The Grid

8 – Store Non-Perishable Supplies

9 – Develop Stronger Relationships

10 – Get Educated And Stay Flexible

You should read the full article here.