How to prepare for the new economic paradigm

For years I’ve been saying that we are making a shift toward a new economic paradigm, and recommending that people prepare for it. About a year ago I posted a revised version of my Survival Strategies for Troubled Times on my other blog, Tom’s News and Views. Here is a pared down list from another related article that comes from a website called, The Economic Collapse.

10 Practical Steps That You Can Take To Insulate Yourself (At Least Somewhat) From The Coming Economic Collapse

1 – Get Out Of Debt

2 – Find New Sources Of Income

3 – Reduce Your Expenses

4 – Learn To Grow Your Own Food

5 – Make Sure You Have A Reliable Water Supply

6 – Buy Land

7 – Get Off The Grid

8 – Store Non-Perishable Supplies

9 – Develop Stronger Relationships

10 – Get Educated And Stay Flexible

You should read the full article here.

3 responses to “How to prepare for the new economic paradigm

  1. rst, you missed the point.

    Thomas, you read my mind! Let’s go look for some in Balik Pulau or the mainland of Penang.

    New sources of income : Entrepreneurship. The only security is Knowledge.

    Get educated : Hey, would you like to teach an American BBA course with me? I’ve had permission to edit the Finance and Economics section to match the Malaysian context. I think you may as well rewrite those sections I’ve had permission to add input on.

    I believe getting educated is not about brand name degrees. It is about the thought processes, the higher order literacy, and great mentors to guide the context of learning and that intrinsic drive to continue developing thinking in a logical and examined manner. That is another myth I want to bust : The Myth of the million dollar degree.


  2. that really sounds like lies and garbage.

    and thats sad. unless the remote area of the world where the uranium lies underground decide to stop allowing mining for energy i cantt see any economic collapse occurring. whatever means the central banks use to poof currency into existence will continue until they dont….a billion here to keep somethign going a billion there to do somethign else, etc.

    unless a gold/solver commodity money that is lauded about on other sites can be shown to be more effective and facilitating trade and long term wealth building i dont see a change or collapse happening.


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