Daily Archives: March 6, 2012

Iran is next on the globalist “hit list”

Why do we accept this madness? Attacking one country after another to prop up a dying imperial system will only bring more misery and ultimate failure. It’s the same old pattern that the elite globalists have been using to force every country into line to accept the New World Order of neo-feudalism.

Under the political money system, governments can appropriate as much of their country’s economic product as they wish, without directly taxing the people. If the people were asked directly to pay for wars, we would have few or none of them.

Foster Gamble, the producer of THRIVE is trying to wake up the American people in the video below.

Rabbi Michael Lerner (Tikkun Magazine) and the Network of Spiritual Progressives are also trying to open people’s eyes and talk sense to those who would lead us once again into an unprovoked war. They are buying ad space in major American newspapers to make the case against the war. See the draft ad here.