Money as Debt 3, now available on YouTube

Here is Paul Grignon’s latest video animation that explains the money and banking problem and it’s fundamental  importance to the future of civilization. Please note the opening quote of E. C. Riegel,whom I have acknowledged as the most important source of my own understanding. You can find links to Riegel’s writings elsewhere on this site, or click here.

While I don’t fully agree with Grignon’s analysis of the effect of interest in the money creation process, I highly recommend this video, along with his shorter video, The Essence of Money.

2 responses to “Money as Debt 3, now available on YouTube

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  2. Thanks to Paul for this work and to Tom for helping to spread it out. We had previously shared the Riegel genius with Paul and he was obviously sharp enough no doubt to appreciate him and feature some of his ideas.

    Who else out there is also smart enough to acknowledge Riegel’s brilliance? We intend to share his now discovered “natural laws of money” on his Riegel thread so if you haven’t yet read him yet do your self and the world favor. Implementing his teachings as Tom says is of up most importance!


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