Milestones in Moneyless Exchange


I often compare the evolution of exchange alternatives to the development of aviation. Just as many early attempts to fly were clumsy and poorly informed by good science, so too have been many early attempts to create private and community currencies. But much has been learned over the past three decades, and conditions are ripe for major advances in our ability to rise above antiquated and dysfunctional means of  payment. My role is to guide the design and implementation of community based currencies and trade exchanges that enable general prosperity and a stable and sustainable economy.

During my upcoming tour of Europe I will be speaking about the power of community currencies and mutual credit, and consulting with communities on doing good things where they are.

With still two weeks to go, our Crowdfunding campaign is now more than halfway toward our goal. Thanks for your support, and please help spread the word. Our campaign site is

One response to “Milestones in Moneyless Exchange

  1. Why not no currencies at all? Do we really need money to run an economy? I do not think so. Here is a design for money-less economy (MLE). Two of us can start this MLE project.

    I take a job in an apartment complex, and work there for free and the apartment owner agrees to give me a double bedroom apartment for free.
    Now my friend decides to work in a nearby grocery store for free and the store owner agrees to give him food for two for free. Thus together we get free food and shelter.

    The project now can be expanded over a small community, where everybody works free and gets everything free. Thus there will be no need for money and we have MLE. Take a look at the MLE chapter in the free book on soul theory at


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