What in the world is going on?

Here is a presentation titled, War and Peace in the Age of Trump, by former Congressman and Budget Director in the Reagan administration, David Stockman, in which he points out some “inconvenient facts” and explains “the warfare state” and the “false narratives” that it promotes to shape public opinion.

Among other things, Stockman point out that there is no existential threat to the United States that would justify the massive U.S. military-industrial-intelligence complex, the policy of regime change, and interventions in the Middle-east, Africa, and all around the world. Even the the recent acts of terrorism and the refugee crisis in Europe are blowback from the mayhem that the U.S. and NATO have been unleashing in those regions.

Edit: Paul Craig Roberts adds some further important details to the picture.

One response to “What in the world is going on?

  1. > Tom, Stockman was very interesting – viewed the whole.
    > Yet, from my “living with complementarity” I grok he (& Ron Paul, & Paul Craig Roberts) are members of another GroupThinkTank.
    > PROPOSITION: Every conceptual scheme has a limited domain of viability/applicability/relevance.
    > Individual humans are unable to adequately comprehend the MSC (Magnitude/Scope/Complexity) of “REALITY”.
    > This is a systemic/objective limitation of our bio/psy/soc “natures”. “Humans” and “Human Systems” are far from what any human claims them to be known. “Surface Stories” relate/interact to form “Deeper Essences”.
    > [Surfaces and Essences: Analogy as the Fuel and Fire of Thinking, Doug Hofstadter & Emmanuel Sander.]
    > There IS a Deep “something” doing much as Stockman describes; but that is not ALL that is happening. The Deep State “exists”, in part, because of the inadequate comprehension of a “greater reality” by alternative perspectives, such as those of held by Stockman, Paul, and Roberts. They are reacting to the glare-in-the- headlights of The Deep State (which is VERY real, but not the ONLY reality).
    > The DEEP State is not a “state”. We have no acceptable “categories” for it. The interacting systems of corporations and governments (within and between) are far from as represented by the MSM and professional analysts. I speculate DEEP as a dynamic collage of hitech conspiratorial gangs (functioning with some primitive tribal aspects). Peter Dale Scott is my guru re DEEP {POLITICS].
    > The BIGGER STORY is not like the Big Pictures we imagine. Yet, the Bigger Story is only embryonic, still emerging.
    > The Trump Phenomenon (global) is well beyond The Donald; but the psychological dysfunction of The Donald cannot be ignored, nor the epidemic of psychological dysfunction in the whole of humankind. We “really are” embedded within a “Matrix”, but have yet to discover its “nature”.
    > This morning I listened to 1A (quality replacement of Diane Ream), reviewing the new movie, THE CIRCLE. Eloise and might go see it tonight. I groked on the paradox of a “Cult of Individualism”.
    > Fun & Games, but playing at the highest stakes, Larry/nuet


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