What in the world is going on? — Part 3

George Friedman, professional geopolitical analyst, founder of STRATFOR and author of The Next 100 Years: A Forecast for the 21st Century seems quite knowledgeable about history and the current status of military and economic power around the world.  In the following presentation he talks about U.S. strategy over the past 100 years and “the real interests of the United States.” He argues that the powers that control U.S. foreign policy have one overriding fear, which is “a united Eurasia”–“Our primary interest is to make sure that Russia and Germany do not form an entente,” neither by conquest nor agreement.

He observes that “Eurasia is now in complete chaos,” Russia and China are both weakening, and that Japan, Turkey, Poland are on the rise. He admits that “We staged the coup in Ukraine.” Regarding the Middle-East, he says “it will come down to Israel, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey to work it out.”

He believes (or claims to) that the U.S. intervention in Libya was ethically motivated, but I find that hard to believe. The evidence of the past century of U.S. interventions around the world shows quite clearly that ethical and humanitarian motivations provide mere cover for quite different  objectives. In the case of Libya, I believe that the attacks by the U.S. and NATO forces, and the murder of Muammar Gaddafi, had more to do with keeping Libya within the global debt money regime than with rescuing the Libyan people from the clutches of a “brutal dictator.”–t.h.g.

3 responses to “What in the world is going on? — Part 3

  1. Friedman, typical of such expert pundits, presents a weird and contradictory mix of ideas, o-called facts, and wishes. The full fields of “Reality Factors” such is far beyond the scope of a single person, even when supported by
    Stratfor. Being Stratfor’s founder may enable Freidman to be sloppy. But he isn’t alone.

    No one is free of blindspots, illusionary contexts, and simply being “out-of-context” for many relevant domains. Read: The Knowledge Illusion: Why We Never Think Alone, by Steven Sloman & Philip Fernbach

    What I read about Gaddafy, years before his brutal, televised murder (to which Hillary was gleeful on TV), involved much more re unifying Africa than finance. What he had constructed in Libya for all the people, bombed to dust, was so very powerful and hopeful. IMA, this massacre of emergent potential and hope was one of the most selfish of War Crimes – ranking close to the holocaust. And, performed by the nation to which I am a citizen.

    Another person I still highly respect, but whom I speculate (from my reading of his recent tirades) now boasts a significant blind spot, is Paul Craig Roberts. Some of his writings have been posted here. From my study of Robert’s recent writings, he is so concerned about The Deep State and the threat of nuclear attacks on Russia by NATO/USA, that he is blind to the evils of Trump & crews. And more, his demonizing of MSNBC. I agree with most of Robert’s analyses of history since WWII; but I believe he is wildly off kilter with respect to developments in the USA.

    Even were I to agree fully with Roberts, and others, of the really dangerous threat by the USA to Russia (and the survival/thrival of humankind), I would consider his gross (exhibited) misunderstanding of many other trends and discontinuities underway, that he possibly provides an even greater threat, were he to be followed.

    This is said, not as an attack on Roberts, specifically; but to illustrate how even the most astute minds can be led astray – as has mine, many times.

    I must say, I don’t know what is “really” going on. Like everyone else, I read a very small sample of reports – necessarily from selected bins, even when I attempt to be as comprehensive as possible. My “wrld” has been woven from my inputs; as has everyone else’s “wrlds”. When experts such as Roberts believe so strongly, emotionally in the TRUTH of their wrlds (imagined as THE WORLD) to project EVIL on Rachael Maddow, I get concerned. [Rachael does have many flaws, as well as many talents; and I agree that MSNBC (the whole of MSM) strongly censors much and propagates much propaganda. Stratfor is not free of this human failing.


  2. My perspective sees the true world controllers as a CABAL of individuals, not so much as a country but as a relatively small group of people who found a way to impose a fraudulent economic routine within the Capitalist System, which is a scam sucking off wealth from the productive sector of the Real Economy. It’s named Fractional Reserve Banking System and its purpose is to generate the Money Supply every economy requires, but in DEBT to themselves, therefore using this process as the lever necessary to subjugate anyone using that currency. The control is exerted by applying the debt obligations as the weapon to force on debtors a particular set of behavior benefiting the CABAL.
    When looked from this point of view, countries like the US, are in fact servants to this CABAL as other victims who supply their armies paid with their taxes and their soldiers deaths to benefit of the wealthiest people on earth.
    In the case of Libya Muammar Gaddafy was in the process of founding a new African currency backed by tons of gold to force all buyers of African goods to pay with it Africa’s products and services. This is why Killary Clinton who is thoroughly sold-out to the Banking Cartel, manipulated NATO to invade Libya and assassinated him in a brutal manner, and is displaying it on YouTube as a warning to anyone who has any inclination to confront the Money Cartel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mm2teVDX8-c and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92oV4Xxic7w


  3. kalikaloscentre

    Hi Tom

    Agree with you fully about Libya. Sheer murder on global scale reducing the most evolved, enlightened Arab state to total disorder where it is today. Tribal rivalries exist throughout the middle east, benevolent dictatorships there benefit the most people. We seem to imagine that what we call democracy (no longer practiced in America I would say) is what every country needs. Or at least we put that out.



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