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Lie more about LIBOR—Giethner’s claims “not credible”

Here’s a video from Yahoo! Screen featuring an interview with Neil Barofsky, former Special Inspector General in charge of the TARP bailout and author of a new book, Bailout: An Inside Account of How Washington Abandoned Main Street While Rescuing Wall Street.

In this interview, Barofsky says that Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s claims about his LIBOR whistle-blowing are “not credible,” and that the entire regulatory process has become “captured to the interests of the banks.”

Barofsky says that LIBOR was built into the bailout plan, so the fraud means the taxpayers are being repaid less than they should be, and added “I hope we see people in handcuffs.”

Watch it here.

Treasury Secretary Geithner facing possible indictment

Here is a rather astonishing report from Fox news about the possible indictment of Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. Is this an indication that the oligarchy is beginning to crumble, or will the powers that be simply make him the sacrificial lamb so they can continue their fraud and  tighten their grip on power?