Treasury Secretary Geithner facing possible indictment

Here is a rather astonishing report from Fox news about the possible indictment of Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. Is this an indication that the oligarchy is beginning to crumble, or will the powers that be simply make him the sacrificial lamb so they can continue their fraud and  tighten their grip on power?

3 responses to “Treasury Secretary Geithner facing possible indictment

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  3. Here’s the problem, Napolitano presuming he understands what’s going on is a joke. Many people will assume he’s an authority so they will not put much thought into the situation. If he knew what he’s talking about, he would know that banking is fraud and it should not exist in the first place. “If you went to the bank to borrow money” he says. The bank does not lend money. It creates money by the signing of a promissory note by a borrower and a simultaneous crediting of a person we call a “sellers” account. The debt is between the borrower and the “seller”. The banker just facilitates debt between other people, then parasites off of the borrower. I hear bankers are retiring at an accelerated rate lately. Could they be monitoring my comments?


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