Occupy World Street, Ross Jackson’s Anthem for the movement

Ross Jackson is more than a thought leader and visionary; here he is performing a song he wrote for the Occupy Movement. I think it is both inspiring and entertaining, an excellent companion to his recent book by the same name. You can learn more about the Occupy World Street agenda at the website,  http://occupyworldstreet.org/.

3 responses to “Occupy World Street, Ross Jackson’s Anthem for the movement

  1. YES, music and art can be powerfull factors in changing attitudes and systems. Let us introduce the Sugarman effect. Watch the film “Searching for Sugarman’ to find out what the Sugarman effect is…


  2. Great song, Ross – we’d love to change the city names to New Zealand
    cities and sing it at ‘The Awareness Party’ meeting here in Auckland – can you post the guitar chords???
    Love your video too!…we showed it at The Unitarian Church in Auckland a couple weeks ago fyi 🙂


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