Transcending the present political money system–the urgent need and the way to do it.

In case you missed my webinar and would like to see the presentation, here is the recording that was made. The first part is a specially prepared slide show presentation titled, A World Without Money, Interest, and Debt: A Pathway Toward Economic Equity, Social Justice, Freedom, and Peace. The webinar concludes with a short video titled, VITA: A worldwide web of exchange, Locally controlled but globally useful, in which I describe my vision of a new decentralized, peer-to-peer, system of exchange.
The question and answer portion is not include.

A PDF file of the slide show plus some added pertinent slides can be viewed here.
I’ve recently added an edited recording of the discussion that followed my presentation. You can view it at Q&A Discussion.

2 responses to “Transcending the present political money system–the urgent need and the way to do it.

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  2. I sent this three questions two weeks ago…no answer yet.
    Letter to BC MLA, Members of Parliament from BC and Canadian Senators

    I Would like to call your attention to answer three questions:
    Can you provide meaningful reconciliation to university educated immigrants with small children who relocated to Canada in the nineteen eighties based on the facts presented in the attachment? My wife and I have university diplomas and were political refugees escaping from an oppressive communist regime in Poland. Immigration to Canada at the time was actually “escaping out of the frying pan into the fire”. Supporting documents to all facts and statements in the attachment can be provided on request.
    Can you provide dependable funding in the Canadian Federal and BC Provincial Budgets to support immigrants with children and university diploma from the 1980s who suffered vicious discrimination, physical and emotional abuses and were economically ruined for generations by working for BC Corporations as modern slaves? BC Minister of Finance Honorable Selina Robinson in her Budget 2021 speech said; Citation: “…Budget 2021 provides dependable funding to support First Nations’ engagement, stewardship, negotiations and economic development… It also adds new resources to support the implementation of reconciliation agreements and the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act… Meaningful reconciliation means following through on our commitments…”. The Canadian Government’s acceptance of past atrocities also requires meaningful reconciliation for my family – highly educated vulnerable immigrants with small children. Citations are from the Internet.
    When are you going to demand a screening test for a hidden mental disorder in new lawyers and new political leaders? There is a test developed for new CEOs of corporations that was established by Canadian Professor of Psychology Dr. Robert Hare, Psychologists Paul Babiak, PH.D. and Mary Ellen O’Toole, Ph.D. Details in attachment paragraph (par.) 115 to 121.
    Stanislaw Szopa


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