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An important new book

Rebuilding after Collapse: Political Structures for Creative Response to the Ecological Crisis

Edited by John Culp

As society grapples with the reality of climate change, many believe that technology will somehow save the planet. As this book argues, that is not enough: larger-scale collaboration, coordination, and funding is needed. Individuals and groups, even with significant personal resources, will not be able to reverse the present course of ecological disaster. What our endangered planet needs is broadly supported community action, which is what happens when people come together and organize for the common good. What we need, in short, is political structures and actions. The essays in this book examine the political structures that have led to our present crisis and offer concrete lessons from the U.S., Japan, Brazil, and Greece, that can, if heeded, bring us back from the brink and toward an ecological civilization.

This book of essays emerged out of some of the presentations that were given at a major conference, Seizing an Alternative: Toward an Ecological Civilization. that was organized by Center for Process Studies and held at Pomona College (CA) in June 2015 and attended by more than 1500 people. It includes two of my own essays, Greece and the Global Debt Crisis, and How Private Currencies and Credit Clearing Exchanges Can Help Save Civilization, as well as essays by John Cobb, Ellen Brown, Gayle McLaughlin and several others.

The full list of contents and order form can be found here. The book can also be ordered on Amazon.com

Les Squires Announces New Web-based Community Building Platform

Les Squires is a multi-dimensional consultant and IT systems wizard. He has a special interest in developing web-based networking tools that have important implications for web-based exchange platforms. Here below is a recent message in which he invites anyone and everyone to use his Ning development environment to build their own communities. It would be very useful if readers of this blog would try it out and leave their evaluative comments here. – t.h.g.

If you are interested in building communities using the Ning development environment, please let me know. We have created about 40 communities, starting in India over the last 4 months and working now for the next two months from Slovenia. You’ve probably heard me say, reminiscent of Field of Dreams, “Build the community and they will trade!” To this end, I’ve set up an number of Ning executive chats — we’re pooling resources to build the most effective communities we can build. If you’d like to see a sample site created just 3 days ago at the PODIM conference in Maribor, Slovena, go to http://podim2008.ning.com — would something like this facilitate your community development? Can widgets for trading be far behind??