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Les Squires Announces New Web-based Community Building Platform

Les Squires is a multi-dimensional consultant and IT systems wizard. He has a special interest in developing web-based networking tools that have important implications for web-based exchange platforms. Here below is a recent message in which he invites anyone and everyone to use his Ning development environment to build their own communities. It would be very useful if readers of this blog would try it out and leave their evaluative comments here. – t.h.g.

If you are interested in building communities using the Ning development environment, please let me know. We have created about 40 communities, starting in India over the last 4 months and working now for the next two months from Slovenia. You’ve probably heard me say, reminiscent of Field of Dreams, “Build the community and they will trade!” To this end, I’ve set up an number of Ning executive chats — we’re pooling resources to build the most effective communities we can build. If you’d like to see a sample site created just 3 days ago at the PODIM conference in Maribor, Slovena, go to — would something like this facilitate your community development? Can widgets for trading be far behind??

The Truth About the Sub-prime Crisis and the Spitzer Connection

It was shock to learn of Eliot Spitzer’s downfall over his sexual indiscretions. We thought he was a “white knight,” repeatedly coming to the aid of the American public by challenging the financial establishment. He was, that’s why they took him down. As the old saying goes, “if they wanna get ya, they’ll find a way to get ya.” That story, and a clear description of the financial shenanigans that underlie the current crisis can be had by reading Greg Palast’s article cited below.  That’s really just the beginning of what the powers that be have in store for us. Power has now become so centralized, and we have all become so dependent upon money, banks, and credit cards, that survival without them seems almost impossible. Is it? – t.h.g. 

The $200 billion bail-out for predator banks and Spitzer charges are intimately linked

Jim Rogers Talks Sense on CNBC – “Abolish the FED;” “Buy Commodities.”

If you want to protect yourself from the machinations of the Federal Reserve and hear some common sense about finance and the global economy, go to the CNBC website and view the Rogers interview.

Engdahl Explains the global “Financial Tsunami”

F. William Engdahl is a knowledgeable and astute observer of the global financial matters. He has been writing a series of articles titled, The Financial Tsunami, which are posted on his website. This is essential background knowledge that you’ll need to protect yourself and your family from the worst effects of the deepening crisis, and to be able to distinguish real solutions from false solutions offered up by the political and financial oligarchy.

The Global Research website is also an excellent source that features writings by Engdahl, investigative journalist Greg Palast, and others. – t.h.g.

Global Meltdown

If you want to understand what’s happening in the realm of global finance, one website worth monitoring is Global Vision 2000. For those who live close enough to reach London, you would do well to attend this event on April 5, 2008: Meltdown, Socioeconomic Injustice And War: Cause And Remedy

Ron Paul on the End of Dollar Hegemony

The Wall Street Journal, in its edition of February 29, 2008, published the following letter by Ron Paul. It was posted by Lew Rockwell at Congressman Paul hits the bulls eye when he says, “Decades of manipulation by the Federal Reserve have benefited the government and certain politically-connected firms, while gradually destroying the purchasing power of middle-class Americans.” But it’s not only the malfeasance of the Fed that is to blame; it’s also the fiscal irresponsibility of the federal government in running almost perpetual budget deficits and allowing huge trade deficits to continue. Prospects are for the rate of inflation in the U.S. to accelerate as the budget deficits and trade deficits continue and the dollar loses its status as a global reserve currency. On the global scene, the dollar has already lost a major part of its value over the past few years, with the Euro going from about 92 cents in early 2001 to more than $1.50 at the end of February 2008. There seems to be no end in sight to the dollar slide. – t.h.g.

Ron Paul on the End of Dollar Hegemony

“I was delighted to read in Judy Shelton’s op-ed, ‘Security and the Falling Dollar‘ (Feb. 15), that at long last the security implications of the dollar’s collapse have made their way into the mainstream media. The dollar’s strength (or lack thereof) has been of paramount concern to me, and the subject of many of my statements over the past several years. Decades of manipulation by the Federal Reserve have benefited the government and certain politically-connected firms, while gradually destroying the purchasing power of middle-class Americans. Despite numerous warnings in the past, it is only now at a point of acute crisis that Washington insiders are beginning to awaken to the reality of the end of dollar hegemony.

“While I desire reform of our current monetary system, my own proposals have not been as all-encompassing as Ms. Shelton’s suggestion to return to a Bretton Woods-style system. Her recommendation, though, that gold backing should make up a component of a future monetary system, is one that we would all do well to heed. My own legislative proposals focus around eliminating the taxes and laws that dissuade individuals and institutions from using gold as currency or as a backing for currency. By allowing market processes to determine the issuance of currency, we can allow individuals to decide for themselves what currency they wish to use. This would lead to a gradual reintroduction of sound money and avoid the market shocks that occur when monetary decisions are mandated by government fiat.”

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