No more Freedom Watch on Fox News-Judge Napolitano fired

Judge Andrew Napolitano has been a champion for freedom and the Constitution, and an outspoken critic of the government which has far overstepped its bounds. That seems to have been too much for the oligarchs and their corporate minions at Fox News. Watch this video.


9 responses to “No more Freedom Watch on Fox News-Judge Napolitano fired

  1. The judge is great my husband and I love him!! I thought this country was for freedom of speech. We WERE hardcore Fox supporters but guess they are just like the rest of them. It was great while it lasted. Goodbye Fox
    The Kelly’s – Michigan


  2. I’ve boycotted all the mainstream news, now I will do the same to FOX. Goodbye to FOX & their “HOMICIDE BOMBERS”


  3. I just watched the video. Did I miss something? The only thing I seen & heard was someone explaining our constitutional rights! Or should I say the rights we use to have!!!!


  4. The Judge is the best! We always watched him in prime time and watched O’Rielly later if there was time. This is a foolish decision by Fox!


  5. I will no longer watch Fox News. Judge Napolitano was the best thing they had.


  6. I was shocked to learn about FOX cancelling Freedom Watch. In all my many (count 50) years of surfing the channels, I have not found a show as enlightening and informative! What is going on?


  7. Freedom Watch was the best show on Fox Business!!!!!!! After Glen Beck got cancelled I have boycotted the time slot. Now I’m going to boycott Fox Business!!!!! I might watch the other Fox News channel, but right now I am totally disgusted!!!!!!!!!!! I say to Fox News, GOOD-Bye……….


  8. This is the dumbest thing Fox News has ever done.


  9. Why on earth would you fire Judge Napolitano, he had a greate show and I”m sure going to mikss him. And, as a matter of fact I don’t like the format on Fox business news anymore.
    Gloria Prunier


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