How to get the job done!

Several months ago while hiking in Sabino Canyon near Tucson I noticed out of the corner of my eye something astonishing. Fortunately, I happened to have my phone with me so I recorded it. I’ve recently taught myself some video editing skills so now I am able to share the experience. The video below clearly shows what can be achieved when there is coordinated action working toward a common objective. Are humans as smart as ants?

A prime example of stigmergy

You can also find it on YouTube at Help it go viral.

One response to “How to get the job done!

  1. Ants a wonderful example of quantum flow in Nature Tom! Unlike humans who discuss for months whether they should/should not take action, when crises happens in the ant world, they gather, throw out ideas, pick the best one, & “all the ants” move into action focused on that idea. (my Dad was an entymologist, I was a Nature communicator & artist early on)! Oddly, like my 1 st blog on AdvancingNewEarth, we scientifically know the cosmic transfer of information matches that which we see Nature flawlessly practice to flow. Very fun example to broaden people’s perception of flow, collaboration Tom, thank you!


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