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Spanish Edition of The End of Money and the Future of Civilization

I’ve waited ten years for it to happen but I’m delighted to announce that, thanks to the efforts of translator Enric Montesa and publisher Julio Fernández, my book, The End of Money and the Future of Civilization, is now available in Spanish. The Spanish language edition, titled El Fin del Dinero y el Futuro de la Civilización, can be ordered from the publisher, Ediciones Kaicron, at their website, https://www.kaicron.es/tienda/el-fin-del-dinero-y-el-futuro-de-la-civilizacion/.

The book will be introduced and discussed in Madrid this Friday (November 8) during a roundtable session, Money and Sustainability, at the four day event, Biocultura: La Revolución Ecológica (Bioculture: The Ecological Revolution).   

New interview now available

On Tuesday, May 22, I was the featured guest on Jay Taylor’s program, Turning Hard Times into Good Times. The interview titled, The End of Money as We Know It and the Future of Civilization, was recorded and is now available for listening on this site. Find it in the sidebar to the right under My Interviews, or click here. You can also find it archived on the Voice America website at, http://www.voiceamerica.com/Show/1501

The End of Money places second on P2P Foundation Top 10 list

Michel Bauwens, Founder and Director of the P2P Foundation, has rated The End of Money and the Future of Civilization number two on his 2009 list of the top 10 books in support of peer-to-peer practices.

In June 2009, the book was featured as P2P book of the week. My email interview can be seen here.

You can see the entireP2P  Top 10 list, with Bauwens’ comments, here.