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Money, Power, Democracy, and War — Slideshow with narration

This slide show is pretty comprehensive in outlining the nature of the “money problem” and in describing what is needed to solve it. It highlights some little-know history about the evolution of banking and the politicization of money, along with the principles that can be applied to liberate the exchange process and lead to a more just and sustainable economic order.

It is based on a presentation made by Thomas Greco in Tucson, Arizona on March 13, 2007. Go to our main website download and view it.

The Monetary Education Project Enters a New Phase

The Monetary Education Project is making good progress with the help of Manuel who brings his expertise in editing audio files. Over the past several days, Manuel and I have worked together to prepare some more effective slide shows by merging Power Point files with sound tracks made by editing some previously recorded audio files of my presentations. The pictures below show us at work in my cottage at Auroville, India.
Audio editing 45



Books by E. C. Riegel are a “Must Read”

Here is a further prod which I hope will induce all serious students of money and agents of change toward social justice and equity to read Riegel. These books can be downloaded from, or hard copies can be obtained from Mike Aldana at 1430 Mountain View Lane, Idaho Falls, ID 83402. (208) 522-5050. – t.h.g.

E.C. Riegel,  The New Approach to Freedom

Edited by Spencer H. MacCallum

Deluxe edition, gold-stamped, sewn cloth binding,
printed on acid-free paper, 111 pages

This classic of individualist thought, privately printed by the author in 1949, is supplemented with eight previously published essays. E.C. Riegel sensitively and yet uncompromisingly explores the meaning of individualism, the market process, and economic democracy. He proposes as a new democratic principle the separation of money and state. More than any other single factor, he believes ignorance of the nature and functioning of money to be responsible for the compromise of human freedom. Harry Browne says of this book: “The best explanation of the free market I’ve seen.”

E.C. Riegel,  Flight from Inflation: The Monetary Alternative

Edited by Spencer H. MacCallum and George Morton
Cloth cover or paper with sewn binding, charts and diagrams,
fold-out, index, 200 pages

E.C. Riegel’s major work, published for the first time, containing the definitive exposition of his monetary ideas supplemented with five essays and selections from his correspondence.

 Concise and prophetic, this book exceeds by far the conventional limits of the discussion of money. With respect to inflation, it points out that there have been many inflations of national monetary units, but that in the past there always remained a single relatively stable unit, the pound in the 19th century and the dollar in the 20th, to which holders of vanishing units could take flight. This became the unit of account, enabling businesses to survive the extinction of their national unit.  

 What we are now experiencing, however, for the first time in history, is a global inflation with all of the national monetary units sliding into the sea. Riegel explains clearly the origins of the present world inflation and how a nonpolitical monetary unit and system might be constructed before the world business community suffers a collapse. He offers specific guidelines for such a unit and system, which would evolve competitively and not await political sanction or require political measures.