Greek economy running backwards, a WSJ video report

The Greek economy has been crippled by the austerity demanded by international financial institutions. This Wall Street Journal video report shows how some Greeks are coping by going back to the land.

Every country is caught in the usury trap that is inherent in the global debt-money system, and all will follow the same course in turn. Those who happen to have land to go back to are the lucky ones.–t.h.g.

One response to “Greek economy running backwards, a WSJ video report

  1. Thanks Thomas. Yes, it is getting worse economically all over the world, and we are no exception here either. The buillt-in lifetime of the present monetary system is reaching it’s end, and it has served it’s purpose well for it’s creators from what I can see.

    It is so very sad to know that at any time the people themselves could relatively easily change all of this if they would but choose to take the Money Power, their inherent power to issue/create and control their own money, into their own hands. Our right to contract freely without any outside interference is our most sacred right to life and the foundation of ALL other liberties and freedoms. This Right is secured in our ability to give credit to anyone we so choose and thus allow us to transcend pure barter limitations and to reach our fullest potential here on Earth. We have a beautiful world future waiting for us ( literally ) to realize these things and act upon them.

    I hope this has been a wonderful day for all who partake of Thanksgiving day.

    Blessings All …. Laurence


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