Hungary pays off IMF, tells them to leave.

Hungary is about to pay off its debt to the IMF and has ordered their employees to leave the country “as soon as possible.” The Hungarian Minister of Economics says his government is confident that it is well positioned to pursue an independent economic policy.

Is this the start of a revolt of sovereign nations against the global bankers? Will others follow Hungary’s lead? What sort of backlash might be expected?  Will the bankers try to influence next year’s elections, or failing that, will more drastic actions be taken to oust the present Hungarian government? As a member of the EU, Hungary will be no push-over like Libya.

2 responses to “Hungary pays off IMF, tells them to leave.

  1. I think the old saying is “Watch this space” …


  2. we will always have severe problems with any economic system until a minimum measurement of the human intelect and labor contribution (our true gold and silver) is part of that system. A suggested measurement can be found on wiki under HUMAN ENERGY RENEWABLE MEASUREMENT . we welcome live debates on this topic on OUR STREAMING PLANET(Bridges Programming). on web radio / tv.


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