The Truth Behind the Greek Crisis

Sunday, July 05, 2015. Somewhere in Greece.

As we await the outcome of the referendum vote, the atmosphere here is one of calm expectancy. In my view, the Greek crisis is shaping up to be a major battle with the forces of banking and corporate power that are intent on imposing a neo-feudal New World Order, arrayed against those who are hoping to preserve some hope of social justice, economic equity, self-determination, and democratic government. It is a Goliath vs. David situation.

With mostly propaganda coming from the mainstream media, people’s beliefs are shaped to conform to the picture that serves the Goliath agenda. Be not deceived. This article referred to below is very important and offers a deeper insight into the Greek situation.-t.h.g.

Behind the Greek Crisis

July 2, 2015

Exclusive: The usual narrative of the Greek economic tragedy is that the country is paying for its past profligacy, but there is deeper back story of political repression fueled by major powers intervening in Greece and contributing to a dysfunctional political system, recalls ex-U.S. diplomat William R. Polk.

By William R. Polk

Read it here:

And, here is another pertinent article, this enough to make one cry: How Europe Played Greece: “We would rather Deal with Corrupt but Obedient Leaders, than Honest ones with Ideas of Sovereignty”  By Alex Andreou, Global Research, July 04, 2015

4 responses to “The Truth Behind the Greek Crisis

  1. Great News. the vote! Two informative articles. A Trail of Tears. I knew only bits and pieces, never putting it together. 1988 must have been a sunny year or I was oblivious to what was going on. Ingemar was a Swede and his wife Greek, but they had few Greek friends – so I was actually quite isolated.


  2. Arnaldo Spicacci

    Interesting article. It just misses the part that a loan by a bank is just debt creation without any dispossession by the banks. It is just a subtle way to take possession of other people’s wealth.
    That is an essential knowledge nowadays!


    • You are absolutely correct. That is why the debt should be repudiated and Greece should issue its own currency.


      • Arnaldo Spicacci

        Sometimes I lose all hopes that this society can change. Dear Tom, what is the date you realized the debt – creation scam? How many years have you been waiting?
        Ciao from Italy!


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