Politics and the people

I’ve rarely had any enthusiasm for any candidate for federal political office, Democrat or Republican, because I know they have all be bought off by the power elite whose agenda is to dominate and exploit at any cost.

What I have been passionate about is a movement to promote social justice, economic equity, personal freedom, ecological restoration, community empowerment, peaceful relations with all, and human unity.

Surprisingly, in the current Presidential campaign, a candidate has emerged who seems to have the courage and ability to lead the political arm of such a movement. This recent message from Tulsi Gabbard speaks for itself:

This desperate coordinated campaign by the establishment elite and its backers in the corporate media can only mean one thing: They’re afraid of us. Afraid of the clear evidence that our movement is growing stronger every day, our message getting louder and harder to ignore:

The New York Times, CNN, the DNC, Hillary Clinton, her proxies; They’ve shown they’re afraid of our movement to dismantle the for-profit American war machine, to finally make Big Pharma pay for its predatory policies, to decriminalize marijuana and reform our broken criminal justice system, to make polluters pay for the devastation they’ve caused to our planet, our air, our water. 

They’re afraid of a Party reform agenda that will root out the corruption and rot, and re-establish the Democratic Party as the big tent party that looks out for the little guys. The Party that is truly of, by and for the people.

Are you up for it? 

Neither Tulsi nor anyone else can be our “savior.” It is still up to “we the people” to save ourselves, but part of that involves promoting a standard bearer who expresses our needs and desires and will work to implement policies that promote the common good.

Donald Trump promised to do a lot for the people, but has delivered very little. In fact, he has done much to damage us further. While he has made some moves to shift US foreign policy away from endless regime-change wars and covert interventions, his actions have been erratic and mutually-contradictory. His tax policies have increased income and wealth disparities, his energy policies have further damaged the environment and ecological balance, his immigration policies have done nothing to address the root cause of the refugee crisis, his trade policies, while seemingly well-intended, have damaged many American businesses, especially the small and medium sized enterprises he purports to champion.  

We can do better. We need a leader who can unify the people in common cause. I think Tulsi Gabbard is that leader.

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7 responses to “Politics and the people

  1. I’m pleased that you’ve recognized T.G. as substantially different than the establishment Dems. Also, she’s a lot younger than Biden, Sanders, Warren, and unannounced Clinton. As well, she is a major in the Army national Guard, and doesn’t consider the troops cannon fodder. It is a long shot, but it would be great to see her as part of the ticket, even if VP.


  2. Hi! Big Tulsi fan here, and also someone who’s worked in local/community currencies for quite a while. I’d love to have an in-depth conversation with you about Andrew Yang! (to wit: I’ve found it very comforting how openly supportive of Tulsi Yang has been throughout this process).


    • (I can pretty much guarantee you won’t find this on any other candidate’s website: https://www.yang2020.com/policies/modern-time-banking/ )


    • I’ve been following Yang since early on. I like some of his proposed policies, but I doubt he has the understanding or will to take on the military-industrial-corporate power war machine. During the debates he made it clear that he buys into the Russiagate narrative.


      • Thanks for replying! When you say you say “he made it clear he buys into Russiagate” — what specifically was that observation based on? (I don’t buy into Russiagate, but I didn’t hear him say anything in the debates that made me feel he does)

        Separately, you don’t think UBI would be transformational to how Americans think about money, value, and personal worth? Of course there is always the danger of UBI being deployed cynically as a salve to keep the people from revolting, but I think it’s hard to watch the man talk for an hour and still feel the word ‘cynical’ applies to him. In following him over time, have you spent any larger chunks of time watching him go deeper on any of many issues? He’s the only candidate I’ve ever come across that inevitably requires 2-3 hours of deep discussion for people to see how he would be positive — and even though it’s difficult, I find that to be a good & comforting thing. #MATH = Make America Think Harder 🙂


      • I don’t recall specifically what he said but I mentioned Russia in regard to a question about election interference.
        Re UBI, I’ve long advocated for it.


      • Steven B Kurtz

        I agree with you that he is extremely smart. Most of his values are solid. He, like TG and EW is weak on the environment and on population overshoot globally. We’ve quadrupled since1900, and are doing what the rats do in overcrowded cages.


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