A World Without Money and Interest

During my October tour, I gave three presentations in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and another in Sardinia, Italy. Two of the Malaysia presentations were at the International Forum on Inclusive Wealth, but I do not yet have recordings of those. The third was an extended presentation and discussion (on October 10) at the Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies titled, A World Without Money and Interest: A pathway toward social justice and economic equity. Here below is the video of the proceedings, or you can watch it on YouTube at https://youtu.be/8BejigzDAVY. The audio only is here, and the slides that were used in that talk can be viewed here.

6 responses to “A World Without Money and Interest

  1. Emmanuel Mouille

    Mr. Thomas H. Greco, Jr., I am a member of ICRA (International Currency Reform Association) and we are devising real world solutions that do not require the use of currency or actions such as payments on oder to transact both globally and locally. My main question: Why are you mentioning a world without money at the begining of your talk and then proposing a solution that still involves currencies (albeit private).


    • The word “money” has many different meanings. When i speak of the end of money, I wish to break through the confusion that most people have about it. I foresee a world without money, “as we have known it.” The future system of exchange will be “moneyless” in the sense that buying and selling will be recorded as debits and credits within associations of traders. Most people have trouble conceptualizing such as world. Private currencies are a step in the direction of empowerment that makes it easier for people to understand the potential next step.


  2. Some of our thoughts, amongst many, on the concept of a world without money and its importance as the major step towards the next human civilisation:
    (Just sharing!)


  3. This is brilliant


  4. – (just sharing)


  5. Peter Wakefield Sault

    Yes please

    That said, the money crowd has threatened (through its global mouthpiece) to use the ‘Sampson Option’ if anyone tries to spoil their game.



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