Our new feudal world order

Charles Hugh Smith’s article, Loving Our Debt-Serfdom: Our Neofeudal Status Quo, exposes the stark reality and brilliantly explains our current predicament.

Smith begins by defining the terms, Neoliberal, Neocolonial, and Neofeudal, then goes on to explain how they operate in today’s world. He says,
“Neofeudalism is a subtle control structure that is invisible to those who buy into the Mainstream Media portrayal of our society and economy. This portrayal includes an apparent contradiction: America is a meritocracy–the best and brightest rise to the top, if they have pluck and work hard– and America is all about identity politics: whomever doesn’t make it is a victim of bias.
Both narratives neatly ignore the neofeudal structure which disempowers the workforce in the public sphere and limits the opportunities to build capital outside the control of the state-corporate duopoly.”

He goes on to describe the control mechanisms that characterized historical feudalism and outlines their present neofeudal manifestation, saying, “Our system is Neofeudal because the non-elites have no real voice in the public sphere, and ownership of productive capital is indirectly suppressed by the state-corporate duopoly,” and backs it up with numbers that show the growing income and wealth inequality and crushing debt burden of the lower classes.

Read the complete article here. Highly recommended!

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3 responses to “Our new feudal world order

  1. Tom, in that his graphs show the shift to neofeudalism (sudden drop in number of firms) began with the so-called economic collapse, might we speculate that the collapse was actually engineered, and to occur at the transition of POTUS? 911 and 2008 ??

    As interesting and necessary historical and contemporary studies must be, I find no viable information about what to do, only what not to do. Tinker/Fixing components and subsystems won’t be permitted to be sufficient to induce the necessary holistic change. To think outside the box, is to think beyond both historical and contemporary. We must play thinking WHAT IF we could start from scratch. Using our knowledge, but not having to change any existing social/societal systems. Most reforms are occupied on how to adjust to fit into a niche in the preexisting (and changing) whole (over which we have little influence). Such gerrymandering is unlikely to create viable systems.

    Multi-celled organisms always emerge from a single cell, never from the transformation of older organisms. Even new models of vehicles can be designed anew – although early cars looked like horseless carriages and and early tractors looked like train engines. Even the most disruptive revolutions carry over too much from the past – mainly the negative feature of the successful revolutionaries.

    For a healthy multiple-subsystem system to be viable, the interdependence/autonomy between subsystems is as important as the functionality of each subsystem, analyzed alone. The Apollo Program was successful because they explicitly attended to this feature. /they explicitly focused on the interaction of different subsystems. Example, the time dependence of acceleration of thrust was interdependent on the support system of astronauts to survive takeoff.

    The design of societal systems and subsystems never considers IMPROVING (uplifting) the “education” of the populations effected. As a consequence, any uplifting of populations destabilizes the whole, and they adapt to limit education to training for performance of essential tasks.


    • Yes, Larry, I’ve tried to look at the problem from the standpoint of particular essential functions, most particularly the EXCHANGE FUNCTION. That is the primary means of elite control. We all depend upon money to be able to buy and sell and get virtually everything we need from someone else.
      You ask, WHAT IF we could start from scratch? That is what we need to do. When the last vestiges of financial privacy and freedom have been removed with the elimination of paper cash, and everyone is required to have an account and be “chipped,” what will people do? Perhaps we can make a great leap straight to a gift economy. But we are dependent upon an alien species called “corporations,” who are part and parcel of the present regime; they will not participate in a gift economy.


  2. Thanks Tom

    This is so maddening that it is inspiring! That guy is quite concise and spot on. FYI Edgar A Guest said that “freemen wear no tyrants chains” Last line http://sofinesjoyfulmoments.com/quotes/Memorial_Day.htm Riegel would most certainly concur.



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